Emusoi Centre

When you educate a girl, you change a community's future.

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Where Are They Now?

Since 1999, Emusoi Centre has sponsored more than 1500 young women coming from the different pastoralist (Maasai and Wataturo) and hunter-gatherer tribes (Hadzabe and Barbaig) tribes in Tanzania. Meet our former students who are changing minds and hearts when it comes to educating girls.



She is now a primary school teacher in Dar Es Salaam.


Sophia, Linda and Pendo

Sophia Mrefu owns and manages her own wholesale and retail store in Ngorongoro. 

Linda Simon is a medical doctor and used to work at Muhimbili Hospital in Dar es Salaam. She is currently getting her Masters degree in the UK. 

Pendo Olipu finished a diploma in pharmacy and had worked at Mt. Meru Hospital. She is now getting a degree in pharmacy in Bugando Hospital in Mwanza. 


Natang'amwaki,, Rose, Nalari, Ngaitete, Magdalena and Nanyorri:

They are six former students supported of our center. From being considered as commodities to be exchanged by their families during marriage, they are now working in various industries (farms, schools. tour companies, business establishments etc). They are earning salaries and are able to help their families beyond being marriage dowries. They have become confident women-living independently. Something wonderful truly happened in their lives through education.


Joyce Lemka

She currently works as the Landscaping Supervisor for safari company. She is creating a sustainable and harmonious environment for both animals and human, especially for her Maasai tribe, at the Serengeti Gamepark, Tanzania.



Sinyati Lesirkon Laizer

Finished her Diploma in Library and Archives Studies at Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCOBS) last August 2014. She now works as the Assistant Librarian at St. Augustine University of Tanzania: Arusha Center


Annette Shuaka and Neeyo Hayo

Annette is a former Primary School Teacher who now works as a Tour guide for ZARA Tours in Moshi. Neeyo is a businesswoman in Arusha


Lilian John Mona

She is one of the first six students of Emusoi Centre in 1999. She is from Kibaya, Kiteto. She finished her Teacher Training at Mpwapwa Teachers College in 2005. She has been a Primary School Teacher for the past 10 years. She first taught at Mokilal Primary School in Ngorongoro for two years and then transferred to Kiteto. Now, She teaches Mathematics and English for Standard 6 and 7 students in Boma Primary School. She lives in Kiteto with her husband and three children.


Tipaniye Mingati

She finished her Bachelor of Arts (Education) at Teofilo Kisangi University in Mbeya, Southern Tanzania. She has been assigned to Kagera, Muleba District, Northwestern Tanzania. She will teach History or Kiswahili to Secondary Students.