Emusoi Centre

When you educate a girl, you change a community's future.

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Emusoi Centre is a safe and supportive haven in Tanzania that helps future leaders and changemakers coming from the pastoralist/hunter-gatherer communities.


Emusoi Centre is a place of discovery and empowerment that combines competence and culturally rooted values with a global perspective.


Emusoi Centre is committed to supporting young women in their endeavors to be aware of their own worth as persons; to realize the value of education for themselves; to discover how to develop their gifts and potentials for their own good, for their families and for the whole community


Lastly, Emusoi Centre commits itself to building, inspiring and living the very changes that we seek to be realized in the pastoralist/hunter-gatherer communities.



Emusoi Centre, in partnership with families, local and international communities, provides a safe and supportive place for young women who belong to the pastoralist/hunter-gatherer communities in Tanzania.


Emusoi Centre supports the discovery of these young women’s potentials and personhood by providing them the opportunities to continue their education ranging from secondary education, vocational training, diploma/certificate courses and university degrees.


Emusoi Centre offers seminars, psychosocial trainings and workshops that are culturally suited to the needs of the young women as they immerse themselves to the ever-changing demands of the world  allowing them to become women who are positive role models, change makers, effective leaders and productive citizens.



Core Values