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When you educate a girl, you change a community's future.

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  • Tumaini Bismark

    When I completed Standard Seven (7th grade) I wanted to join form one (highschool) but had no one to support me. I don’t know my father and haven't lived with my mother for a while. At the time, I was staying with my grandmother who wanted me

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    God heard my prayer and now I am at Emusoi. I started form one and haven't gone back home since. My mother knows that I am in Emusoi but she tells my grandfather that she doesn’t know where I am.
  • Theresia Papalay

    My name is Theresia Papalay. I am fifteen years old from Ngabobo, West Arumeru, Arusha Region. I belong to the pastoralist tribe known as Maasai. Both of my parents have never been to school and do not believe in educating their daughters beyond prim

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    I know that this opportunity is not always given to all girls coming from the pastoralist community which is why I am studying very hard.
  • Theresia Lekishon

    My name is Theresia Lekishon. I am a Form Three student in Sangiti Secondary School. I am from Simanjiro. I have six siblings and I am the fourth one. My father died in 2000 before I started primary school. I attended primary school in 2002 and compl

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    I do not know where I would be now or where would I get the means to continue in my secondary education without Emusoi Centre.
  • Sifa Lemunga

    My name is Siphaely Issack Lemunga, or Sifa for short. I was born in Mererani village in Kilimanjaro Region. I have three sisters. I live with my mother but I don't have a father. My mother was unable to have children of her own. According t

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    My desire is to become a good Minister of Women and Children so that I can save the lives of women and children who have suffering in their lives.
  • Rehema Simon

    My name is Rehema Simon; I am from Monduli District at Engaruka village. I completed my primary school at Engaruka juu primary school in 2001. My family is really poor and we can’t even afford to buy the necessary needs for the family, my father is

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    In February 2003, my father heard about Emusoi from one of his friends, he asked the church to contribute for his and my bus fare.
  • Pendo Olipu

    My name is Pendo Charles Olipu. I was born in 1982 in Iringa. My father had two wives and my mother was the second wife. My father has eight children and I am the second born to my father, but the first born to my mother. My father did not live with

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    My future wish is to be a good doctor who will help equally without looking if a person is rich or poor. I believe that God, who has opened this golden chance for me will help me.
  • Nembris Milya

    My name is Nemburis Milya. I come from the Village of Sukuro, Simanjiro, Tanzania. My parents are Titoya and Milya and they have four children who are all girls. My oldest is deaf and mute. She is currently at home and is not married. In 2010, I wa

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    I know that whatever success I will get in the future is due to the hard work and struggles of my mother.
  • Neema Mollel

    My name is Neema M. Mollel. I am the second child born out of five children in my family. I live with my parents (Mussa and Lusianna), my two brothers (Lameck and Ezekiel) and my sisters (Dines). My older sister, Dinna, is already married and lives w

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    They know about my family's condition so they helped me get to Emusoi Centre. The center financially supports pastoralist girls like me and guided me through my entire education in secondary school.
  • Neema Laizer

    My name is Neema Naini Laizer. I was born in Loibor Siret Village, part of Maasai Land, in 1987. My father had four wives and all members loved each other. The character of pastoralists is to move from one area to another and they meet other people

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    I studied very hard and at the end I performed well in my exams. I had hope that I would continue rather than be married.
  • Nasianda Letoo

    My name is Nasianda Letoo. I come from Simanjiro, Manyara Region, Tanzania. My mother is the fifth of the eight wives of my father. I have a brother and five sisters. My father was uninterested in my education while my mother was the one supported m

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    My mother really want me to continue with my education so when she heard of Emusoi Centre from our neighbor, she travelled to Arusha to seek assistance for my education.
  • Nanyori Yamat

    Nanyori Yamat is a 19 year old Maasai woman who was sponsored by Emusoi. She is albino and has finished studying tailoring in a nearby vocational school. Her mother is a widow with four other children. The fact that she is an albino puts her in dange

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    We are in Northern Tanzania but the danger is that albinos are being kidnapped to sell their body parts.
  • Naneu Mashati

    My name is Naneu Mashati. I am the youngest in the family. I have six brothers and one sister. My mother is the only wife of my father since he can only afford one. My father sees no use of educating his children that left all the work to my mother.

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    My father did not want me to continue with my education because he has already received my dowry.
  • Namelock Lembesa

    My name is Namelock Lembesa. I was born on December 6, 1988 in Mbuyuni Village, Arusha Region. I am Maasai by tribe and I come from a family of 7 children. Since primary education is free in Tanzania, in 1996, my mother decided to send me to primary

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    I was able to get information about a center that supports Pastoralist girls who wish to continue with their secondary education—which was Emusoi Centre.
  • Naishipai Ilaayan Laizer

    My name is Nashipai Ilaayan Laizer. I am from Kiteto in Manyara Region. I completed my primary education at Lootera Primary School in 2009. My father has three wives. I am the third child of the first wife. My parents are pastoralist. They have never

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    We left for Arusha with other girls who were also accepted. It was a good thing that my father went to Tanga. If he was at home, he would not let us go to Emusoi.
  • Nairiha Sipiteki

    My name is Nairiha Sipiteki. I am fourteen years old. I come from Simanjiro District in Manyara Region. I am a Maasai girl and I live only with my mother because my father died a long time ago. I am the third of seven children. My two older sisters a

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    My mother very much wants us, her children, to go to school but she has no means to do this. Thanks to Emusoi Centre, I can continue with my secondary education.
  • Naipima Leng'una Sinya

    My name is Naipima Leng’una Sinya. I am from Naisinyai Village in Simanjiro, Manyara Region. I have two sisters and a brother. I completed my primary school in 2009. My father wanted to marry me off after finishing Standard Seven. He did not want

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    My father wanted to marry me off after finishing Standard Seven. He did not want girls to go to Secondary School but my mother was trying to find a way for me to continue my education.
  • Naha Shuaka

    Naha Shuaka was in one of the first groups of students who came to Emusoi in 1999 when the Center opened. She comes from a village about 90 miles from Arusha town. She had finished primary school and had been “booked to be married”. The parish

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    he brushed up on her Math and English skills at Emusoi and then went on to Secondary school and has done very well. She is now graduating from Form 6 and is ready for University.
  • Nademwa Orpuria

    My name is Nademwa Orpuria. I was born in Ketumbeine Village in Arusha Region in 1991. I am the fourth of ten children. I began primary school in 1998. When I began school, I had my both parents, but when I reached Class three, my father died. Th

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    When he went to tell my relatives that he had a place for me, they tricked him and told him that I was pregnant because they did not want me to study but they wanted me to get married.
  • Mary Lemunga

    My name is Mary Lemunga. I was born May 12th, l986 in a village called Kombo, in Same District. I am from an extended family, whereby my father has five wives and twenty-nine children. My mother is the first wife and has six children. My mother h

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    My goal to work and to help my indigenous community which as been marginalized in all spheres of life; economically, socially and politically.
  • Linda Simon

    I am a Maasai girl from Longido District in Arusha , Tanzania . I joined Emusoi Center , January, 2002. Coming from an economically poor family, I was so worried on how I was going to pursue my post primary school education. I knew my mother wante

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    At Emusoi I met with different Maasai girls with different dreams and even other students as school. Mine has always been that one day I want to be among the best medical doctors (surgeon) in the world.
  • Klando Orkery Melubo

    I am Klando Orkery Melubo. I am fifteen years old from Oloirobi Village, Ngorongoro. My mother’s name is Noorkiseya and my father’s name is Orkery. Both of my parents are pastoralist coming from the Maasai Tribe. I have six siblings: three brothe

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    My father told my mother that I can attend secondary school just as long as she will find ways to support my education.
  • Happy Loth

    My name is Happy Loth. I come from Mesarami Village, Same, Tanzania I am fifteen years old and currently in Form 1 in Mwedo Girls Secondary School. I come from a family of six wherein I am the second born. Out of the six, only my sister and I were

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    I come from a family of six wherein I am the second born. Out of the six, only my sister and I were able to attend school.