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When you educate a girl, you change a community's future.

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Make a Difference: Sponsor a Girl

Investing in the education of girls can be one investment with the highest return and to sponsor a girl's education is a long-term commitment. We invite you to work with us to make a difference in a girl's life by sponsoring her education. You will receive a photo of the student every year with corresponding information on the different progress that she is undergoing and most of all, you can exchange letters with her.

If you would like to make this commitment, please contact Sr. Mary Vertucci at emusoicenter@gmail.com, or by phone at 255-736 500405. 



Scholarship Costs

Pre-Secondary / US $900 per year

Emusoi provides a 9 month remedial program to prepare students for secondary school. Without this extra help, most girls would not qualify for admission into private secondary schools.

Public Secondary School / 1st year US$500 / 2nd-4th year US$ 300 per year

Girls who pass well in the National Exam at the end of Primary school are selected to join Government secondary schools. Emusoi supports these students to ensure that they complete their education. First year costs are much more due to startup expenses of beginning boarding school.

Advanced Level Studies / US$ 1200 per year

Advanced level studies are a pre-requisite for university and advanced diploma studies. Those students who pass well in Secondary School qualify for these studies.

Vocational Training / US $ 900 per year

Some students who do not qualify for Secondary Schools opt to attend vocational schools which are 1-3 years in duration.

Private Secondary School / 1st year US$ 1200 / 2nd - 4th year US$ 1000 per year

Only a small percentage of students finishing Primary school find places in Public Secondary Schools because there are so few schools. Girls in the pre-secondary course can only qualify in private Secondary Schools which are considerably more costly.

Professional Training / US$ 1000 per year

Professional Training is a 2-year program that ranges in Teacher, Nursing, Montessori, Nursery-School and Tour Guide Training.


Tanzanian Educational System

All Tanzanian children are supposed to attend primary school, but not all do.  Approximately 20% of those finishing primary school get a chance to go to secondary school.  There are not enough schools to accommodate all the students.  Those scoring the highest in the exams at the end of primary school are chosen to join government schools which are considerably less expensive than private schools.  Students wanting to join private schools take entrance exams for these schools. The competition is very stiff, over 1000 girls may compete for 100 places

Primary School: 7 years - Standard 1 to Standard 7

(Equivalent to first to seventh grade in USA)

Secondary School: 4 years  - Form I to Form IV

(Equivalent to High School in USA, grades 9-12)

Advanced Level Studies: 2 years of Form V & VI

(Equivalent to Junior College in USA. Students specialize in 3 major subjects)

University: 3 years, leads to Bachelor's degree