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Greetings from Sr. Mary


July/August 2020


Dear Friends,


Greetings from Arusha.  I am writing to thank you for the gifts sent for Emusoi in July. They have helped us so much to finish paying the school fees for the first term of 2020 (2nd term fees will be due beginning next month, but at least we have 2 weeks to breathe freely with out a debt!  We were also able to buy enough dried beans and dried maize for the students’ food for a year.  We always try to buy such at this time since it is harvest time and the prices are at their lowest.  We have 2 silos which can store the grain without spoilage.  The cost is just over $15,000!


Last month, we sent off 18 girls off to advanced level studies all over Tanzania.  We spent more than $5000 on sewing their uniforms, buying all the supplies that we needed for beginning school: mattresses, bed linens, trunk, mosquito nets, buckets, hoes, brooms, slashers, school supplies, bus fare, etc.  Some of the girls had not travelled outside of Arusha region and they were assigned to schools in the farthest southern part of Tanzania to the extreme northwestern part and in between!  We really felt that we were pushing the young birds out of the nest and making them fly with their unsteady wings.  But all arrived safely and now they are hard at work.


Our 12 students who finished Advanced level studies last month are now waiting for their result to see if they qualify for University.  Meanwhile, some of them have returned to Emusoi to apply for student loans.  With these loans, they can study at University without our help. Hopefully, all of them will qualify for University and they will get loans.


Our pre-secondary students returned to Emusoi last month and they, too, are hard at work because they will soon begin to take entrance exams for schools so they can join secondary in January.  They, too, have benefitted from your generosity as we had new uniforms sewn for them.  Their course lasts one year, so we recycle their uniforms each year.  We have been using their present uniforms for a number of years now and they are quite thin and tattered.  The girls are so happy in their new skirts and house dresses.  Hopefully, they will last another 4-5 years!                                                   



Utonyu is the last girl of our 16 from the bus accident who is still in hospital.  She has a broken arm, but a lot of her flesh was cut up and mangled.  She still has an infection and the doctors are watching her carefully; they don’t want her to lose her arm.  Please keep her in your prayers.


With peace,


Sr. Mary Vertucci




PS:  If you have an email address that I can use for these newsletters, I would appreciate it.  The post office is not working in Tanzania since the lockdown and I need to ask the help of friends and relatives to send you these letters.  Just write to me at emusoicenter@gmail.com .  Thanks so much!



Note:  All donations should be sent via Maryknoll Sisters, Box 311, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311.  Checks need to be issued in the name of “Maryknoll Sisters”, with “Emusoi Center” written on the memo line.  Please include a note designating the gift for Emusoi Center, Arusha, Tanzania.  You will receive an acknowledgement from Maryknoll which can be used for tax purposes.  I will also send you a thank you from here.  If you do not hear from me, let me know about your donation.  It will take 2 months or so for me to get news of your donation. You can also contribute electronically. Check out the “donate” page on our website. If any of you would like to receive this newsletter by email, just write me at emusoicenter@gmail.com and let me know.  Thank you.