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Greetings from Sr. Mary


July 2018


Dear Friends,


Greetings from Tanzania.  I am writing to thank you for your donation made in June for Emusoi. It helped us so much as we sent our students off to advanced level studies.  Fifteen of the girls who finished secondary school last year went off to advanced level studies all over Tanzania.  Last weekend, we sent them all off and we are hearing that they all arrived safely.  Some had to travel 2 days to get to their schools.  They went off with their sheets and blankets, their buckets and hoes, soft brooms and hard brooms and even 5 liters of toilet cleanser!  Now they need to settle in and study hard.


Other girls were selected for certificate and diploma courses in colleges- nursing, agriculture and local government administration.  Two other girls have begun their teacher training course and another a secretarial course.  A few others have completed their applications and now they await the selections.


These are girls beginning their studies, but we also have a group of girls who finished their advanced studies in May and now their results have been announced.  These results determine if they have the qualifications to go to University.  The girls did well; eight out of nine have qualified for University (two of whom hope to study Engineering!).  The one girl who did not qualify can apply for a diploma course in nursing or medicine. They are busy now applying for course, getting all their certificates in order and applying for student loans.  Emusoi helps them with all the applications, but we cannot afford to pay for their college costs. But by now the girls can speak for themselves and they will depend on loans, help from their families and some even find other sponsors.


Besides, these girls, we have a few others who have finished vocational school last December.  Three of these girls had applied to our neighbor and benefactor, Willy Chambulo.  Willy is the Managing Director of Tanganyika Wilderness Camps and is a great benefactor to us, but his company has also hired some of our students who have finished vocational schools.  This month he has hired three of our girls—one to work in his lodge in Tarangire National Park, another in a lodge in Karatu which is on the way to Ngorongoro Conservation Area and a third in a new lodge near the Serengeti.  The girls were so excited to start this new step in their life journey.


Pendo, another one of our students, just finished 2 years of teacher training.  Hopefully, she will be posted to a government primary school.  She passed her National exams with a very good pass and now she is looking for temporary work.  She is asking different schools for the chance to volunteer at a school with the hopes of later employment.


Supporting our students in post-secondary studies is costly since many of the schools are privately owned.  Schools that are run by the government are a bit cheaper, but often the students need to stay in hostels and pay for their food.  In the past, schools provided dormitories and room and board were part of the school fees. These studies provide our students with professional training which equips them to be employed.


Many of our students who are employed are the best ones to advertise the benefits of education.  They begin helping their families with the first paycheck! One girl bought her mother a solar panel which she uses in her village for light, but it also get used to charge the cell phones of the neighbors and is thus a source of income. Another girl began with bringing her parents sugar and tea and a nice warm blanket for her father.  Now, she has helped them to farm 10 acres so they can get food for the family.  They think she is so wonderful and they want their other children to go to school like she did.


These girls will come and visit us at Emusoi and bring their fiancés to introduce them to us. Many get married to young men of their own choice and most of these men are also educated.  As they get children, they make sure they will go to school and go to good schools!  All this brings change to families and to the society.


You all through your generosity are helping to bring this change about. We thank you so much and the girls thank you, too.  We pray for you and your families every day.  May God bless you!




Sr. Mary Vertucci


Note:  All donations should be sent via Maryknoll Sisters, Box 311, Maryknoll, NY 10545-0311.  Checks need to be issued in the name of “Maryknoll Sisters”, with “Emusoi Center” written on the memo line.  Please include a note designating the gift for Emusoi Center, Arusha, Tanzania.  You will receive an acknowledgement from Maryknoll which can be used for tax purposes.  I will also send you a thank you from here.  If you do not hear from me, let me know about your donation.  It will take 2 months or so for me to get news of your donation. You can also contribute electronically. Check out the “donate” page on our website for the link. If any of you would like to receive this newsletter by email, just write me at emusoicenter@gmail.com and let me know.  Thank you.