Emusoi Centre

When you educate a girl, you change a community's future.

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The Center

Day To Day Life

For our Pre-Secondary students:

Our pre-secondary students have a scheduled activity for their different subjects (English, Math, Science, Swahili, Oral English, Reading & Vocabulary, History, Geography and Civics) from Monday to Friday. They also have a scheduled DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) for the week. Striving for wholistic development,  they also have enrichment classes that focuses on the psychosocial needs (e.g. self-awareness, different coping skills and the likes) twice a week. They also have daily, weekly and monthly charges/chores around the center. Come every evening, the girls also have organized themselves a period of prayer which they lead.  Much of their prayer consists of  singing songs in their own language and dancing and intercessions.  They pray for us all!  They also prepare and lead their own Sunday services or sometimes religious leaders come to offer the services.

For Secondary/Vocational/Diploma Students

Depending if it is safe for them to go home.